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From 2006 I've met around 5000 european people in Dublin, London, Milano, Liverpool... and speak about dental problems. After the consultations arranged many of them flight, accomodation and programs between the dental treatments in Budapest. Collected many experciences about "your" interests in the hungarian culture and nature. 

I've spent many years as a hydrogeologist and more as a tourism-marketing expert, created many programs, as like running days, light and heavy tours, spa visiting and other kind of tours, so hope that can guide you around in this beautiful country: Magyarország/HUngary. 

We can go with car (3-4 people), minibus (5-8 people) or normal buses, can ride  bikes or make walking tours.




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BUDAPEST: Beautiful and exciting city in the middle of Europe.  Capital of Hungary with around 1,8 million people. Lovely thermal spas, the big river (Duna) in the middle with many tour boats, castle district, famous nightlife for any age, many cultural, music festivals...


DUNA/DANUBE RIVER BEND: with castles, islands, natural parks and cultural places just some dozens of km from Budapest.

EGER: "Blessed with beautifully preserved baroque architecture, Eger is a jewellery box of a town with loads to see and do. Explore the bloody history of Turkish occupation and defeat at the hilltop castle, climb an original Ottoman minaret, listen to an organ performance at the colossal basilica, or relax in a renovated Turkish bath. Then spend time traipsing from cellar to cellar in the Valley of Beautiful Women, tasting the celebrated Eger Bull's Blood (Egri Bikavér) and other local wines from the cask. Flanked by the Northern Uplands’ most inviting range, the Bükk Hills, hiking and horse-riding excursions are never far" away. (Lonely Planet) 


BALATON UPLANDS/KÁLI-BASIN: Only a few kilometers north of the lake (BALATON is the biggest lake in Central Europe, around 70x5km) in the heart of the Balaton Uplands National Park is a tiny pocket of rural paradise where time stands still. Protected by forested hills and rocky basalt outcrops, it has a submediterran climate that has attracted settlers for centuries. Medieval ruins, monasteries, vineyards on the sunny hillsides with beautifully restored cottages.





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